The Company

Sangritana spa

Sangritana SpA, is a regional firm, (sole shareholder Società Unica Abruzzese di Trasporto TUA S.p.A.) with head office in Lanciano, Abruzzo region, Italy, and it is organized in 3 main business units:


the Cargo business unit represents the company’s core business. Sangritana is a certified rail operator (Italian National Single Safety Certificate), operating on the whole national territory and on international routes with conventional and intermodal freight rail services, both on open access routes and block-trains. The Cargo business unit offers also MTO services, for the management of intermodal DtD, DtT, TtD routes, including first and last road mile services.




the Travel Agent business unit is fully dedicated to the promotion and enrichment of the Abruzzo Region touristic offer. Thanks to a wide net of partnerships, the mission of the Travel Agent business unit is to expand the touristic perception of our territory, organizing travel packages, excursions and high-profile sightseeing activities, enhancing the naturalistic and cultural heritage of the region


the GT Buses business unit offers granturismo buses rental services with driver. The rental activities are focused on offering safe and comfortable buses for the planning of sightseeing trips, excursions, and visits to local, regional, national and international sites


  • 1912 – Start of Ferrovia Adriatico – Appennino Services
  • 1970 – Rail freight transport reach 61,480 tonnes per year
  • 1993 – In Val di Sangro, the cooperation with SEVEL plant started with the rail transport of Ducato/Boxer/Jumper vans
  • 2004 – First salt rail transport services from the port of Ortona
  • 2011 – Ferrovia Adriatico Sangritana incorporated Sangritana S.p.A. for the separation of market-based activities
  • 2018 – The Italian Ministry of Transport released the Rail Transport License, while ANSF released the Safety Certificate
  • 2019 – First intermodal rail services as main contractor and first rail vector
  • 2021 – First international rail services as main contractor and first rail vector. Release of the the Single National Safety Certificate